Alliance in Territory Conquest:

  • Alliances are crucial part of Territory Conquest game play. Diplomacy tab gives an option to players to form teams/alliances to combine forces and defeat a stronger player.
  • Alliances can be used in situations where your country is in crisis, with your empire falling apart. In hopes, someone might assist you by attacking your opponents.
  • Each player can have a maximum of 3 players as their allies.

Type of Alliance:

Permanent ally

This is the alliance type indicator. Change the setting to Yes in order to make alliances Permanent, change to No to change the alliance settings to Timed.

In Diplomacy, player can choose between 2 of the following types:
  • Permanent: Player can choose to become a permanent ally with someone. Unlike normal allies, permanent allies cannot declare war on each other.

NOTE: A player can declare war on their permanent allies if they were not the one who sent or accepted the alliance request. You can declare war on your permanent allies if they leave the game.

Timed ally

For Timed alliances, the box indicated allows players to set the amount of time in Minutes.

  • Timed: Player can set how long they want to be allied. During the period, both players who are in a timed alliance cannot declare war on each other until the period has expired.

NOTE: A player can still declare war on their timed allies if they were not the one who sent or accept the alliance request. Timed alliances break the moment either of the parties in alliance leaves the game.